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30th-May-2011 02:33 am - Love You ! ! ! ! !
karaoke atsushi
Just found this video on Youtube !

Both Atsushi and Shun sang a cover of I Love You, and ksay69 edited those into a single song!!
Never thought I would ever listen to them singing a "new" song "together" again.... (actually I'm still hoping^^;;;) Yet I feel like crying T______T I don't know what I'm writing anymore...  Natsukashiii~
Yabai ! Yabai ! !

Despite all the tears brought both by the singers and sad song itself, I ended up ripping the mp3...
In case you're also interested, douzo:
Atshun - I Love You 128kbps
28th-Mar-2011 03:12 am - Eclipse
lost in tamaki's world
CNBlue's Eclipse lyrics translation done by request for alize_sakura !
Most of the sentences are just disconnected from each other, also the English parts are just... what they are, so I translated freely!
Hope you enjoy them anyway~


It's Hard to say my mind
Can you tell me your height
If you searching for the shine
dreaming of you

I don’t know but I believe that
coming true the day we both know

It’s Hard to say your mind
I can tell you my own
If you searching for the shadow
dreaming of you

I don’t wanna see you feeling blue
I don’t wanna see your light is gone
I don’t know but I believe that
we can be the one we both know

If you searching for the shadow
(If you searching for the shadow)
この手を伸ばし(risen ankle on my hand)
dreaming of you 僕でいいなら

I don’t wanna see you feeling blue
I don’t wanna see your light is gone
I don’t know but I believe that I’ll going you

I don’t wanna see you feeling blue
I don’t wanna see your light is gone
I don’t know but I believe that I’ll going you
For be the one
Read the translation...Collapse )
25th-Mar-2011 12:24 am - BigBang is Back ! ! ! !
omg koki

Whoohoo! I have a chance to win this cd! :)

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups
18th-Mar-2011 04:09 am - Japan Donation !
smile koda kumi
We've all heard about what's happening in Japan right now, right??
Words cannot begin to describe such an event, or rather, such events...
Also because I've many friends there and I'm myself in the process of applying to a working visa and planning to go back, this is of special concern to me. What's the outcome?
I'm still very hopeful and even confident that nothing worse will happen, and wanted to help somehow...

So I found out about GlobalGiving Foundation, chose a project and donated a symbolic amount to help the cause and people just a little!
The minimum donation amount is of $10, but any contribution is better than none, right?
You can choose from 5 projects and help as well. In case you're interested, please check their website:
Global Giving.org

I really hope the nuclear menace gets under control soon so people can start focusing in rebuilding and getting back to their lives, as much as possible ! ! ! がんばれ!
8th-Feb-2010 03:27 am - Trey Songz - Fandom Report
eita & kamera
It's been so long since the concert that I wonder if it's still worth it, and how much can I actually recall. But it was a promise, so here it goes.
Trey Songz's concert was held in Osaka on November 6th, a Friday. Man, I was counting the days in fever, actually working my a** off at work the whole week so I could just leave a bit earlier that day (by earlier, I mean on time, about 7pm or so). And so it went; I collected the garbage and flew to the station to meet my friend, as we were going to the concert together.
Knowing how Japanese freak with time, we got ourselves an onigiri for dinner and  reached the club just in time for the concert: 8pm sharp ! Phew~YAY v^^vCollapse )

So maybe the difference between the really big stars and the others a bit below isn't just talent after all?...
26th-Oct-2009 03:01 am - being the p word tremaine
omg koki
Today it was a great day ! ! ! !
Well, every rest day is a great day in itself, but usually what I don't do in rest days is rest much. Today it wasn't different.
But anyway,
I went to this Dance Festival with my friends called Dance Box; it's basically a festival of many dance schools, including hip hop, jazz, latin, arabic, african dances, etc. It was pretty cool, everyone was really good, even the kids ! !
A group even choreographed Big Bang's Haru Haru, and another had a military theme. Those clothes were awesome, every single one ! ! And all different with 34 members ! ! =O

And again at dinner we could enjoy some girl talking, lol
Let's do it again ! ! !

And then a major event ! !
After introducing Trey Songz to my friend, she also seems to have falling in love with his music and finally agreed to go with me to his concert on Nov 6th in Osaka ! ! !
OMG, we already bought the tickets too, major overload  *_____*  I'll have to beg my boss to leave earlier that day, and can't imagine what other sacrifices I'll have to make with the kind of deadlines I pull off, but it'll definetely be worth it ! ! ! ! !
I wonder if I can get my CD signed??  \(*^^*)/

I would like to introduce him to you guys as well ! !
Here's his 2nd album, TREY DAY,  and the 3rd and last one released on August 31, 2009, READY
You can google for more info on his discography, or comment and I'll try to help XDD  Let me know your opinion too~
Hmm, probably I'll post some more stuff from him if you guys care, the 1st album and stuff.

     Quality: 320kbps

     Quality: 320kbps

comment away ~ c(^^c)
It seems I've to fix my layout somehow, but now I've no time >______<  
Sorry ! Hope it's at least readable . . .

Changed my mind and also changed the layout... Maybe just temporarily though; I like this layout, but there's no sidebar or tag list, ne =/
Credits for the layout go to erinilliana

15th-Feb-2009 05:28 pm - Two Short Lists
candy koki
Oooh, I'm just lazying around today, cleaning my PC, as if that's the best way to enjoy a leave day  o___O
But anyway, going through some dramas and stuff, wondering what dramas/ movies I've seen so far... Think not that many:

Follow the cut - -Collapse )

Follow cut 2 - -Collapse )

I'm sure I've watched more, but can't recall them all now...
I seem to hate dramas that never made it, you know, those dramas that start out so fine and have really so much going for them, and just turn crappy due to rushed endings or the ending itself is crappy . . .
Having that in mind, any recommendations??

7th-Jan-2009 05:12 pm - Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu !
mwahaha koki
Woot, and another year has passed!!
Aren't you happy? =D
As far as I'm concerned, everything is pretty much the same as last year . . .
Just Great and Loving !
(I can even hear Mr Trigun "LOVE & PE~ACE !")

Either way, I was trying to dust off j_everything community a bit, and so decided to take out Big Bang's korean albums I had posted previously. From now on I'll only post there the Japanese releases, and the Korean ones I'll post here^^

Bellow are the first 2 mini-albums, not ripped by me (though I'll definitely buy them!). Dunno who ripped them, but you're a good person.

1st mini-album "Always". 2007.08.16: Megaupload
2nd mini-album "Hot Issue". 2007.11.22: Megaupload
*Hot Issue is actually my favorite mini-album from the 2, ALL songs are great!! \(*^^*)/ Really hot, lol. Check it out!!~ *

I'll add my own rips later, and maybe the tracklists too.
(That's right, I've the others =D The 2nd album as well ! ! !)</lj>
15th-Aug-2008 01:27 am - EBB . possible tracklist
eita &amp; kamera
Heh, I'm back.
And wow !  What a coincidence, another post about EXILE !
I couldn't help but sharing this, it's been running all Japanese blogs and stuff! The rumored tracklist for EXILE BALLAD BEST ! ! !
(I say rumored because it wasn't announced on the official site yet and, of course, I'm not part of the "family" >_>)
So here it is, it actually sounds really possible:

CD tracklist
2.  Your eyes only~曖昧 なぼくの輪郭~  *remix*
3.  We Will~あの場所で ~  *remix*
4.  Believe  *remix*
5.  Unmei ni Hito  (運命のヒト) BALLAD BEST version
6.  Eien  (永遠)  *remix*
7.  Namida  (涙)  *new song*
8.  Lovers Again
10.  Tada... Aitakute  (ただ…逢いたくて)  *remix*
11.  sayonara
12.  Kawaranai Mono  (変わらないモノ)
13.  CRYSTAL LOVE  *new song*
14.  Kimi e no Omoi  (君への想い)  *new song*
15.  INORI  *new song*
16.  Nagori Yuki  (なごり雪)  *cover song*

Aside from Tada... Aitakute and the remixes EXILE have been accustoming us to, it sounds like a good tracklist, right?? Good reasons for EXILE fans to be happy about. It just feels a bit soon for them to be announcing anyhing? And already names of new songs?? Hmmm, suspicious...
Wonder if INORI is Atsushi's song?
20th-Jun-2008 01:36 am - Yet another possible tracklist
LM.C - Maya ONE
Top News, people!!
(or not, lol)...
It's just that I found a new, possible tracklist for EXILE ENTERTAINMENT BEST @ amazon.jp ! ! ! !
It mentions this is the tracklist intended with probably some additions:

New Jack Swing   *remake* 
STAY   *remake* 
Eastern Boyz’N Eastern Girlz   *remake* 
DANCER’S ANTHEM   *new version* 
24karats -type EX/ Sowelu,EXILE,DOBERMAN INC
Touch The Sky
What is L . O . V . E
Make Love

DVD . disc1
(PV + making of)   EVOLUTION
(PV + making of)   24karats -type EX/ Sowelu,EXILE,DOBERMAN INC
(PV + making of)   Touch The Sky

It's certainly a more possible tracklist, isn't it? Most of them are by Michico.
I can certainly see New Jack Swing here though I love the older version as it is now...
Now we also have to add the SCREAM remake and SUPER SHINE, the new song which is a tie up for LUX shampoo CM  *SUPER SHINE~*
I'll just say it bluntly: I don't think any of these remakes are Atsushi - Takahiro's at all; none of them (except maybe STAY) have that popish beat so characteristic of them so far.
But again, we have to wait and see.
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